Saturday, March 3, 2012

Motivation For A Temporary Act Of Insanity

Well I did it.

I did the unthinkable.

I attempted something with all 5 kids that I hardly even attempted when I only had 3.

I went onto Southern Savers and printed my list.

I matched my coupons.

Then, I loaded up all 5 kids into the car.

I was feeling brave and up for a challenge.

When we got to Harris Teeter it was raining, but nothing was going to stand in my way.

I unbuckled Cai, and then began strapping Jude into the Baby Bjorn while Areyna and Zeke helped Alethia out of the car and held Cai's hand, so as not to lose one of my children to the oncoming traffic in the parking lot.

I knew that steering one of the boats BIG carts wasn't an option, as my muscles have turned to mush since becoming pregnant (does anyone else have a hard time steering those things?!), so I opted for a regular cart and placed the main perpetrator Cai inside.

We were sure a sight to behold.

Comments like:

"Are all of those YOURS?!"
"Oh WOW..."
"They are so cute."
"Boy do you have your hands full."
"You sure stay busy don't you."
With looks of pity and/or exasperation mingled in between...

were in abundance as I would venture to say that not one set of eyes was blinded to the fact that I was towing 5 children around the grocery store by myself.

But, when you have as rough a night as I did with poor little Jude and his pitiful little tummy, a mama has GOT to have some coffee...and LOTS of it!

So, the fact that I went to the cabinet and pulled out a nearly empty bag of coffee beans was a sure sign that the aforementioned act of insanity was destined to occur!

It may not have looked that glamorous, and I may have actually told all the kids to stop talking to me for 5 seconds so I could read a coupon, and we may have taken up an entire aisle at a time, making it difficult for others to get around...but it was fun.

It really was.

And it's only because I had NO expectations (except to find my coffee, of course) so we moved at their pace...and ate lots of samples along the way!
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