Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - I had the bright idea that I wanted to "try" to play this weekend with the worship team.  I haven't played in almost 3 months.  3 MONTHS!  Rehearsal nearly killed me last night.  I felt, at one point, as though I was going to pass out, ha!  I have severe "gig butt" this morning.  Sunday should be interesting...

2 - Josh had to leave me yet again this weekend.  He headed to Atlanta for a conference with a couple other guys from Journey.  As happy as I am that he has been able to participate in all these out-of-town activities I'm ready to have a weekend with my baby at home with me, as I feel certain that I have passed these marathon "Mommy-Of-Five Bootcamp" weekends:)

3 - Areyna has really stepped it up in the big sister department.  She can now change Jude's diapers in record time, dish out meals for all her other siblings and she knows exactly what to do to get Jude to stop crying:)  She has been amazing!  I have also noticed her stepping in to help resolve sibling issues.  I have thanked her several times for being a peace maker and it's carried into deeper conversations about gifts that God gives His children.  I truly feel like the Lord has given Areyna this gift of peace making to help me during this time.

4 - Josh and I decided that we were going to get our kids one large gift for Christmas.  They each had one small thing to open up under the tree, but the big thing was a trampoline for the back yard.  We'd gotten a little sidetracked, but yesterday Josh and the kids finally completed it!  It's a good thing we have so many fun things to do outside because just the thought of leaving the house with all these kids at this point in my life is a little daunting.

5 - Can I just talk about the weather?!  It was 80 yesterday and by Monday we have a chance at Flurries/Snow?!  Talk about squeezing all the seasons in, ha!

Well, I'm off to go raid the cabinets for some STRONG coffee...little Jude had a rough night last night:(

Happy Friday ya'll!
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