Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lessons From The Classroom - February

Wow!  We had a busy month during school this February.

We kept right on trucking with our lesson plans until Jude decided to make his grand appearance.  We took about a week off before hitting the books again.

Our kids do best with consistency, so we didn't take too long of a break, since school gives them something that breaks up the day anyway.

This month we learned all about Laura Ingles Wilder and read several of her children's books each week.  The kids absolutely LOVED this time.
We learned all about pioneer life and even made "Pioneer Delight" which turned out to be nobody's favorite, but hey, at least it was fun for them to make, ha!

We learned the history of Valentine's day.  We decorated cookies and celebrated the day of love:)

We had a special week designated "Random Acts Of Kindness".  It fit perfectly with their Bible Verse for the month...
"Love each other deeply.  Honor others more than yourself."
Romans 12:10

We learned about and made Jell-O. Did you know that gelatin has horse hooves in it?

We learned the structure of a Fairy Tale and constructed our own with good guys, bad guys, a moral/plot and complete with a magical element!

March is proving to be equally fun!
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