Friday, March 9, 2012

Jude - 1 Month

Jude Warren
1 month - 10.4 lb.
Our sweet Jude has been a part of our family for 1 month already!

It really has gone by so fast.  I feel as though he were just born, except for the fact that I can now sleep comfortably on my belly and I'm waking up feeling more rested than I did after the first few days post-pardum:)

Jude has proudly taken up his role as the fifth child like a champ!

Besides his growth spurt that literally lasted a WEEK!, Jude eats on a fairly consistent 3-hour cycle during the day.  At night I still feed him around 10pm(ish) and he'll wake up at 2:30am and then again at 7:30am.  Unlike the other kids, I haven't really minded these sleep interruptions.  I'm not just trying to coast through motherhood waiting for my child to sleep through the night (which typically comes around 8 weeks for my littles), but instead I am using my time in the quiet of the house to soak in the quiet (since "quiet" doesn't occur very frequently in this house anymore) and enjoy my little boy before he grows too big to cradle in my arms.

His cries don't make me nearly as frazzled and frantic as my other kids cries did at this age.  Maybe it's experience as a mom, knowing that he is really okay, or the fact that I have 4 other kids who may or may not be crying at any other given moment in the day as well, ha!

He is a very efficient eater!  Normally around 10-15 minutes and he's done, depending on how awake he is:)

His eyes are opening up for longer periods of time, which is exciting for everyone!

Tummy time and the bouncy seat are his favorite times of the day.

He's literally been holding his head up since he was born, but you can tell his neck is getting stronger and stronger each day.

After several blow-outs I reluctantly switched him from Newborn to Size 1 diapers:(

He is beginning to be very aware of his surroundings as he follows movement and sounds.  We've even gotten a few smiles out of him, although all of his giggle spells are still in his sleep.

We love having a baby around the house, so Jude, if you're reading this, don't try to grow up too fast, k?
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