Friday, March 23, 2012

How The Princess Found Her Joy - Chapter 3

While at the gathering, Princess Tasha kept a close eye on Prince Josh.

HE WAS DIFFERENT than all the other Prince's whom she had beliked in the past.  He had a relationship with THE FATHER like no other Prince she had met, and this relationship was contagious.

Princess Tasha had a relationship with THE FATHER as well, but it was very shallow and immature at best.

This peculiar relationship between the Prince and the Father made the Princess just that much more in like with the Prince!

Over the course of the next three days, as the gathering commenced, the Prince and the Princess began exchanging SIMPLE, YET FREQUENT, conversations about their friendship and growing relationship.

In fact, one of the other Princesses overheard this very conversation in the midst of their camp one night as Prince Fro and Princess Tasha sat alone together under the bright stars:

Prince Fro: "So, uh, like, um, what do you think about our relationship?"

Princess Tasha: "Well, I like what we've got..."

Yes, the exchange was short (as they were particularly slow in this area), but the words were deep and only fueled the flame that was already burning in each of their hearts!

They were both secretly awaiting the trek back to the place that overlooked the NORTH gate of the city of GREENVILLE so they could sit together on the front bench of the carriage, knowing that they each had growing feelings for one another, even though they both had a hard time verbalizing it to each other (as they were particularly slow in this area).
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