Saturday, March 24, 2012

How The Princess Found Her Joy - Chapter 4

The time had come to pack up their camp and make the trek back home to the place that overlooked the NORTH gate of the town of GREENVILLE.

Prince Fro took his place behind the rungs while Princess Tasha cozied up next to him on the bench of the carriage.

They now knew that they had a MUTUAL LIKE for each other, and while they still APPEARED QUIETER and MUCH MORE SUBDUED than most couples around them, they were QUIETLY CONTENT just being together.

At some point Princess Tasha had used her MANIPULATIVE CHARM to somehow place her weary feet on the lap of her beliked Prince Fro.  He was a master at steering the stallions with one hand, which left one hand free to GENTLY RUB THE TENDER FEET of the Princess.

The Princess was giddy inside as she realized that this really was, in fact, the Prince she had hoped for all these years.

They playfully exchanged SIMPLE WORDS, LONGING LOOKS and FLIRTATIOUS GIGGLES all the way back to their village.

Upon their arrival from the gathering, the Princess continued to be flooded by thoughts of Prince Fro and his close relationship with THE FATHER.  Over the course of the next several months this poured into her own life as she began to seek a more intimate relationship with THE FATHER herself.

Not only did THIS TIME IN HISTORY mark the beginning of a BUDDING RELATIONSHIP between the Prince and the Princess, but MORE IMPORTANTLY between the Princess and THE FATHER, which in turn, confirmed in both the Princess and the Prince's hearts that they were meant to be TOGETHER FOREVER!  It did not, at all, seem bizarre to them that the two growing relationships were to go hand-in-hand, although it may have seemed a little strange to any other observer.

Over the course of the NEXT YEAR the two fell MORE AND MORE IN LIKE with each other.

Around this time, SEVERAL OTHER COUPLES around them were confessing their undying love for one another and committing to engagement and future marriage.  In fact, TO THE PRINCESS, it SEEMED as though she was the only Princess NOT ENGAGED to her Prince yet!

While the Princess was MORE THAN OVERJOYED for her many friends taking this next step in their relationship she was SECRETLY, and sometimes NOT SO SECRETLY, BECOMING VERY IMPATIENT with her Prince.  She WONDERED IF HE WOULD EVER ASK for her hand in marriage.

But the Prince continued to WAIT PATIENTLY FOR THE FATHER to give His consent.  See, Prince Fro always wanted to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that HIS CHOICES WERE THE RIGHT ONES, and didn't even let his Princess sway him to push forward until he was quite sure it was the right decision (which made him painfully slow in this area).

So the Princess had NO OTHER CHOICE but to WAIT IN FAITH that the Prince would one day ask her to be his forever.
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