Friday, March 23, 2012

How The Princess Found Her Joy - Chapter 2

The next few months were spent getting to know each other.

Princess Tasha believed very early on in their relationship that Prince Fro was THE ONE, but never voiced it to him, nor to anyone else, except for Fairy KELLY.

Fairy Kelly was a fairy whom Princess Tasha had befriended during her frequent outings around town when she was antsy to get out of her Castle up on Mt. Howard.  Tasha would confide in Fairy Kelly, feeling that it was a safe place to confess her undying "LIKE" for Prince Fro.  (Princess Tasha had vowed never to tell a man "I Love You" unless he was to be called her husband, a feat much harder than it would appear.)

What Princess Tasha did not know was that Prince Fro had also been confiding in Fairy Kelly as well.  He had confessed to his "LIKE" in Princess Tasha, but was too shy and uncertain in his feelings to share this openly with his "beliked" Princess, so he held it in (as he is particularly slow in this area as well).

They continued on like this for several months, uncertain of their deep "like" for one another, but continuing to deepen their friendship.

One day those who lived overlooking the NORTH gate of the city of GREENVILLE were invited to take a journey to a city far, far away called MEMPHIS to join with thousands of other prince and princesses around the nation at a gathering called PASSION.

They were placed on the same carriage throughout their voyage, which I'm sure had nothing to do with Princess Tasha's MANIPULATIVE CHARM.

Prince Fro had been DESIGNATED THE DRIVER of the carriage.  Princess Tasha took the job as NAVIGATOR, since we all know that every good driver needs a navigator who can keep them awake and on the right path.

The voyage was long and hard but the companionship within the carriage was blooming!

Upon their arrival at Passion they PITCHED THEIR TENTS and MADE THEIR CAMP together with the others who had fared the journey with them.

This would be their HOME FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS, and would soon become A PIVOTAL TIME IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP that they would not soon forget!
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