Friday, March 23, 2012

How The Princess Found Her Joy - Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a Princess named TASHA who lived in a castle on the TOP of Mt. HOWARD overlooking the NORTH gate of the city of GREENVILLE.

After several years of foolishness she had come to the realization that she may never find the ONE who would bring her TRUE LOVE and JOY...

Until that beautiful evening when she was invited by BISHOP STEVEN (who now takes full credit for this future relationship by the way:), who was a very well-known in the city, to go play music at the BSU Ball at the Court of HAYES.  There she ran into the MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE she had ever seen!

His name was Prince FRO.


until she simply could not keep her distance from him any longer.

She began to use her MANIPULATIVE CHARM to get closer to this beautiful being.

Instead of quickly packing up her own musical equipment and dashing out into the night like she was known to do after any other Ball, she began slowly putting her things away in order to keep her place next to Prince FRO (as he was particularly slow in this area himself) for a longer amount of time.

Surely he would notice her now.

But alas, he had not taken heed of the eager Princess yet.

She continued to find ways to woo him only to remain unseen by the mysteriously quiet Prince.

Until she finally came up with a brilliant idea.

She grabbed her carriage and her trusty car colt named "TURKEY" and raced it back over to the ball to see if Prince Fro needed a ride back to BRUCE Palace where he resided.

When she arrived in her carriage to pick him up their eyes met for the first time.

And so their flourishing relationship began...
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