Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life With Little Jude

Jude is two weeks old today.

It's already been two weeks!

This time around I am noticing, and cherishing, everything.  Every new little chub roll and cute squeak.

I don't really think I took any of my kid's milestones and special uniquenesses for granted while they were so tiny, but I have had this realization that Jude is our last little one.  That and the fact that we've seen first-hand how quickly they do grow up and how little time we have to guide them.

We are soaking it all in.

It helps that he is, by far, the easiest baby we have ever had:)

He eats like a champ, usually within 30-40 minutes he is done eating, burping, poopin' and being changed.

He sleeps like a champ during the day!  At one point Cai was playing drums, Zeke was on a majorly out-of-tune acoustic guitar and singing (loudly), and Alethia was on keys.  All within a 10 foot radius of the little guy zonked out in the swing.  He didn't even flinch!  The kids cuddle and climb all over him, smothering their sweet baby brother with love and attention who is passed out in his milk coma, totally unaware of the love being lavished upon him:)

He sleeps well at night.  I usually feed him between 10 and 11pm and he'll usually go until almost 5am!  It's incredible!!!!

He hardly spits up, unless he's gotten greedy and eaten too much milk:)

Since we've been home with him I've felt for the first time like our family is complete.  I mean really complete!  I feel as though we are all here.  There is no empty space, literally, ha!
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