Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Time To Give!

If you've been following us any time over the past 4 months or so you have heard us asking for you to join us in prayer for Sara and Andy Ribbens.  They have spent nearly 12 months in Uganda fighting to bring their entire family home.

Well, wouldn't you know the Lord heard the plea and answered "yes" to this sweet family and their hearts desire, because they are going to be landing on American soil on Saturday!  I am just as excited to hear this news as I was to hear our own news of this wonderful day!

As you can imagine, they have accumulated some pretty steep expenses with all the delays and changes and I am asking you to step up with us and help this family.

Please go to their blog, read what expenses they have and why (because I know you'd like to know where your money is going) and click the PayPal DONATE button on their sidebar.

Let's be a blessing to this family who has obeyed this call and shown us so much strength and faith, no matter what their circumstances have been...

***UPDATE-In only 6 hours the Lord provided exactly what this family needed to break even!!!  Our God is so faithful, especially when He sees us being faithful!  Thank you for your sacrificial giving:)***
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