Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Few New Rules

We have got to stay organized if we are going to survive as a family of 7 who continue to love and encourage each other.

That is why I have put a few new rules in place to eliminate some of the major melt-down triggers for me the kids.

1 - Getting Dressed - When we wake up in the morning, we will get dressed BEFORE we eat breakfast.  This will eliminate the stress of getting 5 children ready to head out somewhere, because we'll already be ready.  It will eliminate the "crap-I'm-running-out-of-time-and-you-have-GOT-to-cooperate-so-we-can-get-out-the-door" dilemma.  It also takes away the clothes battle with Cai every day, as he insists on wearing his car jammies all day, every day, because he knows we are getting real clothes on as soon as he wakes up.

2 - Chores - we don't call them chores, per say, but a way to show "love deeply" and to "honor others more than yourself" like they have been learning about in Bible from Romans 12:10.  We've talked about how we all have to work together as a family.  Zeke's special job is to set the table for meals.  Areyna is in charge of cleaning the kitchen floors after dinner each night.  Can you tell that I need the most help in the kitchen;)

3 - Laundry - My mom knows first-hand how much laundry we can accumulate in the span of 24 hours as a family of 7!  The 3 older kids can now fold and put their own laundry away.  Cai...not so much, ha!

4 - Kitchen - Each child is in charge of putting their own dishes away after meals.  It's amazing how the youngest ones are the most consistent with this one.

5 - Transitions - Both of my older boys are not so good with transitions of any kind...therefore, the timer has become out BEST FRIEND!  We use the timer for computer time.  We use the timer to signify time for school.  We use the timer for cleanup time around the house.  We use the timer for bed time.  You name it, we use it!  The timer has made a world of difference with the transition melt-downs.

So, those are just a few of the key changes that we are working on consistently these days to help keep our home orderly as well as a place to feel safe and secure.

Oh, and we have a lovely futon sitting in the middle of our living room if anyone wants to take it off of our hands, because we  got the girls a set of bunk beds!  The nighttime battle, including biting, kicking, crying and pushing will NO LONGER inhabit the girls room, woohoo!  Plus, their bedroom looks oober cute now and Alethia is so proud to tell me (EVERY day) "Mommy! I no kick Rainy out of bed last night!!!"  It's a win-win situation for all:)

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