Thursday, August 4, 2011

The View From Here / The Final Hoorah

We are having our FINAL yard sale this weekend!
I'm so grateful to have such nice items to sell, so thank you to all who have
(and still are) donating.
WHEN: Friday and Saturday
WHAT TIME: Early to as long as we can take the heat, ha!
WHERE: Our humble abode in Rolesville
(let me know if you need our address)

I can honestly say that if I never have another yard sale during the rest of my lifetime I will be okay with that:)  We are trying to do all we can to raise the remainder of our money for this adoption, so come join us this weekend, because once again, we will be hosting the Yard Sale event of the year here in Rolesville.  And once again, it will be of EPIC proportions (ie-my yard will look like the city flea market:)

Items are listed but NOT limited to:
Children's clothes
Children's shoes
Baby clothes
Strollers and
TONS of baby gear
Baby bedding
Other size bedding
Stuffed Animals
LOTS of kitchen appliances
TONS of Toys
Exercise Equipment
TV's, VHS players, Computer programs, Printers, Scanners
Electrical Dog Fence

And the list goes on and on.

Come join us!
I'm sure there is SOMETHING here you need!
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