Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mommy Emotions

I'm not one to get very sentimental when it comes to my kids growing up.  I'm just not.

I know, I cry about everything else, from sappy commercials to cartoon animated movies (i.e.-UP), but "older" stages just aren't one of those areas...for now anyway.

That being said...

I opened my email this afternoon to an email about Micaiah moving up to his new class at church.  It went into detail about the fun activities he will be doing and all the snacks he gets to eat and the sweet teachers he'll have.

Then the email continued.  It shared about the Bible Story and worship time that he'd be participating in on a weekly basis...and then the tears began to flow.

I honestly can't wait to peak in on his little class and see him interacting with others as he learns about his great maker!

I love that we go to a church that understands that children, even as young as 2 years old, are old enough to begin learning about the stories and characters of Jesus from the Bible.

Now that's enough to make a momma tear up a little bit:)
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