Monday, August 8, 2011

Not Me Monday

Zeke is really big on details.


He's also really good at keeping funny stories to himself.


So, after hearing a certain story about his Aunt Kelly going down a slide and going swimming, naked, with only her undies, he would certainly keep it to himself.

Oh yes!

He'd never run around telling everyone in earshot.

But if he did he'd certainly forget about it after a day or two.

Because after a day or two it would be a church day and he'd want to blurt it out to his classmates and teachers telling them that his aunt Kelly likes to go swimming in only her undies.

And if he did that he might forget to mention that it was when she was a toddler and NOT in her current days!

And my son would NEVER embarrass her like that.

Oh no, Not Him!
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