Monday, August 1, 2011

Not A Feeling

Sometimes my spiritual walk feels so full that I simply cannot keep it in.  I have to share what the Lord is teaching me.  I feel so close to Him.

Then, there are times in my spiritual walk where I can hardly keep my mind focused enough to read through a single chapter in the Bible.  I have to read and reread through it and force my mind to comprehend what I'm reading.  My mind wanders, my thoughts trail off, and it's difficult for me to feel like I can find Him.

It is such a comfort to know that our Lord doesn't leave.  He doesn't drift away.  I may drift from Him, but He is always here.  He is constant.  He is always consistent. 

Just because I don't "feel" Him doesn't mean He is not near.  Even when I can't formulate the words to pray to Him.  I can simply be in His presence, mind wandering and thoughts trailing off and all.  He knows.  He hears.  He loves.

He's here.
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