Friday, July 29, 2011

What To Expect When You're Expecting...#5 - Weeks 7-12

You will most likely begin to start craving things.  But they will most likely be things that are terribly good for you, ie. chocolate frosting, chips and dip (any dip, dip is good, dip is very good), and big juicy steaks and burgers, cookies and crackers, and most any other food that lands in the snack category.  I need not even mention the temptation you will have living near a Sonic.

Moving on...

You may begin to notice that your clothes are getting a little snug.  It may be a little disheartening that it is in the butt and thigh area instead of where the baby actually is!  It's okay, keep telling yourself that this is normal and it'll be okay.  Besides, you've always got the Belly Band:)

A 10-week belly + Bathing suit + the beach = questioning looks wondering if you're actually pregnant or just letting yourself go, ha!

You may begin experiencing some misgivings doubt and fear, realizing that you are about to be the mother of five, Five, FIVE small children.  No matter how you say it, it's still gonna be scary.  Just begin to get used to that fact;)

Smells.  Oh the smells.  They will leave you running and gagging and leave the kids running to get their daddy for back-up.

The act of holding your tongue may become non-existent at this time.  Keep trying to fight the urge to spout off the first thoughts that come to your mind, so be prepared to have an apology ready at all times.


This month:

I changed practices.  I LOVE my new practice and how personable they are!

We told the families!

I grew out of my first pair of jeans:(

We finally told the world!

I have completely given over the task of doing dishes.  I can handle unloading the dishwasher, of course, and loading straight in, but if the dishes have been sitting for any length of time the afore mentioned running and gagging begins to occur.  Josh gladly took over dish duty, as I'm sure that gagging sounds are not all that pleasant for those within earshot.

I began really not feeling well around 11 weeks.  In fact, I hadn't thrown up until almost 12 weeks.  How's that for timing.  You think you are all in the clear and then, bam!  But, it helps when hardly anyone knows about it so there's not much complaining going on (except to poor Josh, sorry baby:).
12-week belly
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