Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

We have a new Family Friday tradition.  We get invited to an awesome pool with friends and/or family and hangout until we are so tired our arms can't push water anymore and our legs can't keep us above the water anymore!  Today the Moyer's invited us over to their neighborhood pool for some fun.  I love the stage that my kids are in.  Areyna makes friends with all the little girls in the pool, Zeke buds around with them or begs his daddy to play with him and Cai is content to play around the lounge chairs with water buckets and cars.  It leaves mommy free to catch up on some girl talk with some friends or lay out or go swimming with the kids!  It's wonderful:)

Yesterday while we were just hanging out in the yard, a common occurrence around here, we looked up (not too high up) in the sky and saw a VERY LOW hot air balloon just a few houses down!  We snagged the closest stroller and mobile pushing, uh, things for Rainy and Zeke so they could go fast, and took off toward it.  It was literally landing in someone's backyard.  We could see the basket and hear the puffing of the fire/hot air.  We never did catch up with it as it finally caught some momentum to get up over the neighborhood trees, but it sure made for a fun shoe-less, bunny sighting family adventure!

This weekend is going to be super fun!  We were asked to put a band together to play for The Summit in Durham this weekend.  The band is going to be awesome!  I love the connection we have with our friends through playing music.  Even though we don't get to hang out with them much, it's always nice to be able to bring them in to play with us from time to time and pick up right where we left off.

I love the 4th.  Last year the city of Rolesville joined our family cookout and birthday party and decided to give us some fireworks.  This year they have moved the fireworks down the street, but we're still going to celebrate in style with the grill, pool and smore's on the fire pit with the other family in the area.  It should be awesome.

I'll leave you with this sweet goodness from my garden!  This all went into my homemade salsa for this weekend's cookout.  Don't be too jealous:)

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!  Happy 4th!
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