Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th And The Big 4

Zeke turned the big "4" today!
Since we knew we'd be at the beach this week, we threw an awesome birthday party together on the 4th with his cousin Karis who turned 1. The whole town of Rolesville was invited. Actually, not really, but the whole town of Rolesville DID park beside and behind our house to watch the fireworks. Yup, there were actually "Event Parking" signs all around our house.
We had an awesome view right from our backyard. It was fun to have all our family and tons of people from church to join us! Have I ever mentioned how much I love being in Raleigh?!

But today has been a fun day too. We've gone swimming in 4 pools, the ocean, played on the beach, walked the pier, seen jelly fish, sung worship with the Journey students and had a lot of cousin time.

I can't believe Zeke is 4!

He is such a fun kid. How do I even begin to describe the little man he is becoming?

He is:

Such a sensitive little guy. He gets his feelings hurt very easily.

A rock star. He can jam out with the best of them. Music runs in his veins. He watches and studies the band and then goes home and practices. I mean, I know he's my son, but he is pretty amazing. Josh and I will be totally shocked if he doesn't do something with his music. He loves guitar, keys but drums might be his thing.

Along with the rock star in him, come the emotions. Josh has even told him, "Gosh, Zeke, you're such a musician." after Zeke was freaking out about something insignificant!

Very observant. He notices home decor and clothing accessories before Areyna does.

Creative thinker. If you ask him what shape a round object is he will make the shape with his hands and say, "O" not circle. A square is a "box". He is VERY descriptive! Teaching him should be interesting:)

He still LOVES to cuddle. But will turn around and wrestle a minute later.

Is into sharing with Josh (and everybody else for that matter). He ALWAYS saves his last bite or sip for Josh and will make sure he got it and that I don't throw it away.

Always makes sure I eat my meals.

So, to my little man who turns 4 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my little hopper!

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