Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Center Piece

Well, they've done it.

The stink bugs, that is.  They totally ate through the entire base vine for our pumpkins.  We started noticing the leaves turning lighter and lighter until they were completely yellow and dead.  Then it began to spread all the way to the end of each branch off of the vine to the pumpkins themselves.

I was able to salvage this little guy.  Within two days it had turned from it's growing shade of deep green to the orange "ripe" color that you see here.  I cut it from the vine so it wouldn't rot.

Besides, it's never too early to start carving pumpkins, right?:)

I've been taking notes on what NOT to do with our straw bale garden next year, but I'm about to add a "DO".  "DO" kill off the stink bugs before they kill off my crops, ha!
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