Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watching Soap Operas and Eating BonBons

Watching soap operas and eating bonbons

That is most definitely what I have been doing this week:)
Yeah right!
In between
refereeing "King Of The Playhouse"
countless trips to the infirmary
to bandage up matching boo-boos
(I believe we need to replenish our Band-Aid stockpile after this week, ha!)
making sure each child has age-appropriate toys to play with
(We figured the BBGun wasn't the best "option" for Cai)
as well as
finding fun things for all the cousins to do together!

We've still managed to have wonderfully
knowledge-filled family devotions
for Holy week!
We were really surprised at how much they learned;)
Check it out:)
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