Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Four More?

Yesterday we had some very special visitors come hang out the entire day!
Emily and Jody Jennings are long-time friends of ours.
They were in town for Jody to do some classes at the Seminary.
They have four kids of their own and one on the way.
I figured, what's four more kids?!  The more the merrier:)

The cool thing about it was that every one of my 6 kids had someone new to play with pretty close to their own age!

The older boys had some computer fun.
This is Alex, Joey and Silas
Luke and Zeke had fun and played super well together.

Millie and Abby even palled around together!

And with 4 prissy little girls,
You better believe there was some good princess time.
Hattie Ruth and Areyna are only 1 day apart in age.

They were the cutest princesses EVER!
With 10 kids running around all day we knew we they needed some rest time.
We put the youngest 3 down for a nap...
and go ahead, gasp, we popped in a movie:)
We popped some pop-corn
and took advantage of Sonic's Happy Hour.
You can't beat 12 slushies/drinks for $7!

After some good rest time their imaginations were put into full gear.
Elaborate paper airplanes were created...
the Sonic cup trays were painted

and wonderful food and music were provided to everyone's delight!

Meal Mania with 10 kids and 4 adults was a sight to behold, for sure!

Josh said it was absolutely comical as he and Jody drove up the driveway for dinner.
He said there were kids EVERYWHERE!

What a wonderful day!
We love the Jennings.  
I have learned so much from them as a family.
It is so good to have friends like that!
Thanks for coming to share our day with us:)
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