Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week: Holy Thursday

I'm sitting here.

Just sitting.

Cai is contently pushing his cars back and forth along the fireplace.

Back and forth...back and forth.

Zeke is searching for a match to the flipflop he's carrying around.

Areyna is dancing around to music.

Music that Josh is practicing.

Practicing for our weekend services.

I'm just sitting.



Reflecting on what Christ did for us.

When I really sit,

just sit,

and allow myself to remember,

and meditate

on what He did for us,

it's a bit overwhelming.

Maybe it's the exhaustion from the week,

or maybe it's the reality of what this week represents

but It's really hitting me today.

Today is Holy Thursday.  Maundy Thursday.

Today is when we remember the Lord's Last Supper and the washing of his disciples feet.

Today we are taking our kids out to "wash" the hands and feet of our neighbors who have lost everything in the tornado.  We are going to serve.  And while we serve we will remember.  We'll remember how the Lord served us.
Tomorrow, for Good Friday, we are having a special time of singing, worship and reflection.  Josh and I and our good friends, the Leinos, will be singing/playing from 5-8pm at Journey Church.  You can freely come and go.  Come and sit.  Come and listen.  Come and reflect.  Come and meditate.

Are you observing Holy Week?  I'd love to hear about it.
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