Monday, February 7, 2011

Pray For Garren

Dear Friends,

While Josh and I lived in Charlotte we were blessed to have so many special friends, and one of those families was the Janes family.  That family poured into ours while we were there.  Geoffrey is the Southbrook Monroe Campus Pastor.  Not only were they dear friends, but when we played for CharlotteONE they kept the kids many times for us.  Their youngest, Kelsey, is about Areyna's age.  Their son, Garren was SO sweet to Zeke, always playing with him as if Zeke was a little brother.
So, when we found out what happened to Garren we have been deeply burdened for their family.

Garren collapsed at school on Friday and was rushed to the hospital and sent in to have immediate brain surgery.  Nancy and Geoffrey need us to intercede with them for their whole family.  I cannot imagine how they are feeling, but I know that the Lord knows and is listening.

You Can:

Read Current Updates - His dad is keeping everyone updated through twitter and his blog.

Leave Messages - You can leave an audio message that they are playing for Garren to hear.  What an amazing way to show him that people care.  Even strangers who have never even met him!

Grab this button and link it back to Geoffrey's blog to spread the word so others can pray for them too.
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