Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's What My Day LOOKED Like

It's been FOREVER since I did one of these posts.  I thought it would be fun to see how much my everyday life has/hasn't changed:)  I'm warning you now, lots of pictures are to follow!

Up at 6:30am for some Quiet time

8am - Get some work done before the kids wake up
This is usually when I get my blogging done.

9am - The green sign goes under the door
and the day begins!

Breakfast time
Yes, Zeke is eating a PB&J for breakfast
I choose my battles wisely;)

10am - work on daily chores and school activities
such as weather and days of the week

10am - the daily whinefest begins

10:30am - Roomtime for the kids...

...and office time for me.
Usually adoption or ministry stuff
12pm - Somehow I missed lunch, ha!
But believe me, the kids don't let me forget that:)

12:30pm - We work on school

And this is Zeke working on school.
Just look how focused he is:)

When the afternoon whinefest begins
I know it's naptime for this little guy...

...and rest time for Areyna and Zeke...

...and workout time for mama!
which is usually interrupted by some kind of incident

After I workout and get a shower I'll get some more work done

while the kids go swimming in the couch cushions

How can Josh work through the commotion?
Earbuds and iTunes my friend!

Rainy and Zeke's mayhem inevitably wakes up Micaiah

which brings mama's wrath...
and some QUIET book time:)

Between 4:30 and 5pm I work on dinner
while I try to keep Cai entertained

I've found that food in his mouth usually keeps him happy:)

6pm - Dinner

6:30ish - Dinner cleanup
Yes those are my children helping to clean up dinner
They love it...for now, ha!

The rest of the night is spent creating
Oh, you're just realizing that Cai still has his jammies on?
Don't judge:)

8pm - the kids go down and Josh and I, well,
we do quite an array of things after the kids go to bed;)
That's what my day looks like.  How about yours?
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