Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Love Chapter - 1 Micaiah 13:4-7

Micaiah is patient - he has two older siblings who think that they are his mommy and daddy.  They are always bossing him around.  Now, because Cai can't communicate with words much yet he is forced to "let them know" how he feels in other ways;)  He will learn though, right? Right.

Micaiah is kind - he has grown a lot since the bubby battles that occurred in his early age.  He has started realizing the precious comfort that Zeke's bubby and Areyna's bear give them and freely seeks them out to give their lovies back to them. 

He does not envy - okay, okay...but he is only 1 1/2:) He only wants what someone else has, ha!

He does not boast - he can't talk yet, silly, but he does squeal with delight when he finally masters a task he has been working on!

He is not proud - alright, well this one is a bit of a stretch too.  He thinks he rules the roost and you'd think he really did if you saw the way his classmates at church run in fear when they see him... (that's another post for another day, like sometime next week?)

He does not dishonor others -  yeah, well, he's a 1 1/2 year old boy...we're stilling working on this one too:)

He is not self-seeking - gosh, maybe I shouldn't do these kinds of posts for Cai until he matures a little bit, haha...

He is not easily angered -  Oh man, here we go again...this little pistol of a boy is a firecracker...but I love him.  When he blows up I just squeeze him tight until he calms down.  I just try to think of it as extra cuddle time:)

He keeps no record of wrongs - thank goodness he wasn't around for the time I sat on that blasted children's plastic yard chair in Charlotte or he'd never let me live that down either!

Micaiah does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth - when he must be disciplined he is quick to apologize to the victim (yes, usually it involves chasing Zeke up and down our hallway with his drumsticks) and calming his heart to embrace love, which is Truth.

He always protects -  unless he is having one of his aforementioned occurrences where he is chasing Zeke with drumsticks or pulling Areyna's hair while she screams

always trusts - he knows that when his daddy gets home that it is time for wrestling!  He trusts that he will always have this boy time every night:)

always hopes - this boy loves him some food and he always hopes that I will give him some throughout the day if he bangs on the cabinet doors enough or protests in front of the refrigerator long enough!

always perseveres - this is one very encouraging thing I have to say about my Cai...he always perseveres.  He is a very determined little boy.  If he falls off the steps to go up the slide he stands right back up, even before his crying dies out, and climbs right back on that slide until he has mastered how to get to the top, pull his legs around from behind him to sit at the top and slide down all by himself.  He works and works until he accomplishes what his mind is set on, like the big step down from the kitchen to the car port.  He will go up and down and up and down until he can do it without falling down.  I love this about him!
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