Monday, February 14, 2011

The Love Chapter - 1 Joshua 13:4-7

Josh is patient - he has a wife who, on average, finds a new "home" for an object at least 2 times a week.  Poor guy...he had to call me the other day, after being sweet enough to start some laundry, because he couldn't find the clothes pins.

Josh is kind - except for when he steals my covers every night!

He does not envy - he rejoices with others in their blessings.

He does not boast - he actually gets uncomfortable when people talk about his accomplishments. I may struggle with this one a bit more...okay, so I'm just a little bit proud that he's MINE!

He is not proud - Josh is one of the most humble men I know.

He does not dishonor others -  he is a very loyal friend. He thinks through his words carefully so as not to say something he should not.  Another reason why I love him.

He is not self-seeking - except for when he steals my covers every night!

He is not easily angered -  in fact, people often ask me, "Does Josh ever get mad?", "Has Josh ever lost his cool?", "Does Josh ever raise his voice?", or "Is Josh always so laid back?"  My answer is always "No", "Once" (the Henderson youth group knows the one time Josh got mad, ha!), "No" and "Yes".  This is just one reason why I love this man of mine!

He keeps no record of wrongs - except for that blasted children's plastic yard chair that I sat on and broke in Charlotte.  For some reason he thinks that is just SOOOO funny.

Josh does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth - this is evident to all who know him.  He lives this out on a daily basis.

He always protects -  it's almost crazy how this happens sometimes.  When we go out as a family, Josh gets in "protective mode", as we call it.  He gets really quiet, almost on guard, as we walk through the store, making sure that we are all okay.

always trusts - no matter how many times I fail, he never holds it against me, waiting for yet another failure.  He trusts in me and encourages me to be the woman God made me to be.

always hopes - he will never lose hope each day, as he waits to see if he is going to "get lucky", ha!;)

always perseveres - he works very diligently at the tasks laid before him from the Lord.
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