Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Love Chapter - 1 Ezekiel 13:4-7

Zeke is patient - he has a mama who forgets things all the time.  I forget things so much that he has to continually ask me for the same things constantly. For example, his drink at lunch, or his snack (from like 30 minutes ago) or to please get AAA batteries at the store.  I've had to start writing his requests on the blackboard in my kitchen so he knows I won't forget.  So, yes, Zeke is a very patient boy.

Zeke is kind - he saves his last bite of...everything...for his daddy.  He loves to give people things that he loves, like pirate coins, "Cars" stickers and lots of hugs and kisses:)

He does not envy - Zeke has a handful of special toys that keep him very grateful for what he has, so he's not too worried about others' possessions.

He does not boast - he doesn't seek out affirmation from me or Josh, although he gladly accepts praise when it comes to him, but he doesn't mind doing things behind the scenes.

He is not proud - unless, of course, he calls a square a triangle and thinks he is right:)
Bless his little heart...

He does not dishonor others -  he is very compassionate and loving toward others.

He is not self-seeking - I've loved seeing his heart transform through our adoption process.  He has gone out of his way to do things to "help" bring our little girl home.  
He is not easily angered - Okay, I lied, but he really is getting better at this one, ha!

He keeps no record of wrongs - except for that blasted plastic children's yard chair of Areyna's that I sat on in the backyard in Charlotte and broke.  Yeah, he won't let me live that one down either! 

Zeke does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth - that is why he always prefaces a tattle-tail remark with, "Ummm, I'm not trying to get Rainy in trouble, but..."

He always protects - especially when he is dressed up as a superhero:)

always trusts - okay, I lied about this one too, he really thinks everybody is out to get his "special to me" toys like his treasure box and spiderman sticker book, but after some convincing, he usually begins to trust again.

always hopes - he has hope that one day his daddy will never have to work another day and we can live as a family together, happily ever after:)

always perseveres - no matter how hard Micaiah knocks him down!
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