Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

I am exhausted this morning!

As grateful as we are that the flu bug is no longer lingering around our house, we are now battling this sinus, congestion, I've-never-had-so-much-snot, cold stuff.  Because of it's effects, you know, coughing your lungs out and snorting like it's sexy, I've been taking some medicine.  The night time ones have left me sleeping all night, but waking up from crazy dreams ranging from deaths in the family that seem so real that I wake up with that burden that lasts the rest of the day, and then other's that leave me laughing out loud in my sleep, waking up both Josh and myself.  Therefore, I think I'm done with those meds, ha!  So, sorry if you've been trying to call, I've been left without a voice for most of the week.

I had another niece born yesterday afternoon.  As I rejoice over the new life God brought into this world, I am faced with the equally strong emotion of grief for another who lost their baby 2 days ago, which only brings back a flood of emotion from our loss that we experienced just 7 short weeks ago.

As a parent
Feelings of inadequacy and defeat.  Just to sum it all up, as Areyna and I were bantering about an issue I tried to get to the heart of it by asking, "Areyna, why is this so hard for you?  Why do you HAVE to do ____________?"  which led to her response, "But if I don't I won't feel like a grownup."  Oh boy... She's not even 6 ya'll and she's already wanting to be grown up and feel like an adult!  I'm not ready for this.  I'm not sure which battles to choose and how to respond.

On a brighter note, Josh and I went on an amazing date this past Wednesday!  We did our usual: eat out for dinner (somewhere we had a gift card for, of course:).  We have a new date strategy.  You ready?  We split our entree.  It left more money on our gift card, so we got an appetizer, and it left more room in our stomachs for dessert!  We are SO doing this from now on.  I'm not sure why I feel like I have to stuff myself full, just because we're on a date, ha!  Then we went to get some coffee and walk around Barnes-N-Noble, which used to be one of our favorite dates before kids.

While we were in there I remembered that my journal was on it's last few pages and I figured I pick one up while we were out.  And maybe it's me, but I have the hardest time picking out a journal!  I mean, all the options...spiral or spine, hard or soft back, multiple color schemes or plain (I mean, you have to get one that matches the room it sits in, right?!  Ok, maybe that's just me...), leather or plastic, thick or thin, lines or no lines, and then the price...sheesh!

Then, we were left asking the age-old question, "What do normal people DO on dates besides dinner coffee and movies?" and you better believe we weren't going home before 10:)

So, we thought, since it felt oh so nice outside, to go downtown and walk around.  We ended up on Fayettville street.  We had a blast, prancing around, well, Josh didn't prance, but whatever.  We walked past this place called Sono Sushi Restaurant.  Now, the only thing Josh and I can think of is the nasty sushi we had when we were in Japan...slimy, sticky, raw, ewww

But it didn't take me long to persuade him to go in with me, just for fun, and try some.  I mean, when do we ever act so spontaneously?!

Surprisingly it was pretty good.  The experience was so fun and I'd say we'd probably go again.

So, it really has been a good week, but I am thankful that it's Friday!

Any big plans for anybody?  We're staying right here, anxious to worship at our home church together this weekend.

Happy Friday ya'll!
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