Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lessons From The Classroom - Together

Last week was a new adventure.

Micaiah now lives in the land of "One-Nap-A-Day"
He's been working on it for a while
but there is no turning back now, I'm afraid:)

It makes it difficult to try to find a time for school
Afternoons are OK, but for any of you with children,
you know that a fresh mind in the morning is the best time
to get the kids to cooperate with you.

So, we've been doing school altogether
at the kitchen table after breakfast.
I pull out some manipulatives, 
or marbles in this picture,
which work GREAT as a choking hazard
keeping a 1 1/2 year old occupied.
Don't worry, I don't leave him unattended;)
Cai LOVES to put them in and out
in and out...
in and out...

Zeke gets his Spiderman computer which
is helping me teach him his letters.

Areyna gets "sort of" one-on-one time with me
to do her reading, which she is doing excellent at, BTW.

So, this is what a one-room-classroom must have been like.
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