Monday, January 24, 2011

Oops...I Almost Kissed The Postman Today!

Well, not exactly, I opted to kiss my sexy bearded fella instead, ha!

But I was just that excited, because look what he brought me!

A book.  An actual book.  My actual book.  That I wrote.  That other's can read.  That will soon be on Amazon and at Barnes-n-Noble.  That my daughter is flipping through on the floor right now.

You may think I am way too excited about this.  But that's ok, 'cause I'm allowed, it's my blog, right?:)

So, here's what Josh wrote about the book from his blog today:

It’s here!  The first copy of my wife’s book, So MuchBigger Than the Bunny, just arrived today.  And we’re all pretty stoked around here at the Via house.  Over a year ago, the Lord put the desire in Tasha’s heart to write a devotional book for families that explains the significance of the resurrection and the weeks leading up to this glorious day that marks the centerpiece of our faith.  Wanting to provide a resource for parents to help teach their children about the resurrection and the season of Lent, Tasha embarked on her journey.  Since Tasha and I both grew up in families that did not emphasize the entire Lenten season, for good or bad, she continually felt that, although we’re not Catholic by any stretch, there are some really great emphases that can be pointed out for families and kids to learn together.  Digging in the biblical text and in the history of Israel’s passover traditions, Tasha has done her research.  And it’s on a level that kids of all ages will not only be able to understand, but will enjoy.  It’s full of hands-on activities, Scripture memory, discussion questions and more.
The book has two tracks.  1. A track that takes you through the entire season of Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday (March 9th this year), devoting about three days a week to each lesson; and 2. The Fast Track that focuses on each day of Holy Week–the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday.
I can promise you, your family will be blessed and greatly encouraged by this book as your children begin to grasp the glorious truth that Jesus is alive!  In addition to individual families, Bigger Than the Bunny would also be a great tool for children’s ministries to offer as a help and resource to parents.  So, you children’s pastors out there, make sure you get a copy and see for yourself if it’s something that can encourage the families in your church.  I know it will.  And if you purchase a copy, it will benefit our own family, as all the funds we raise from this project will go toward our adoption.
To order your copy, or to order in bulk, head over to the publisher’s site,  Here’s the direct link.

FYI: This is a discounted rate of what it will be going up, from what I've heard, so you better go get one before it goes up!
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