Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Not Always A "Yes"

When you hear, "God answered our prayers" what do you immediately think of?

I just assume that the Lord said "yes" to the specific thing you were praying for.  That's just not always the case though.

I've been thinking a lot this week about the petitions we offer up to our Father.  I think because today marks 6-weeks.  Six weeks since my surgery.  Six weeks since we lost another child.  I guess I am officially off of "bed-rest" now:)

We prayed for a year to get pregnant.  The Lord answered our prayer, just not in the way we would ever have anticipated!

See, the Lord ALWAYS hears his children's prayers.  He ALWAYS answers.  He ALWAYS has our best interest in mind.


It isn't always a "yes" to our desires.  Sometimes it is a "No" or even a "Be patient and wait".  That last one is the hardest one for me:)

So, just because the Lord answered your prayer with a different answer than you were praying for, rejoice that the Lord, your Heavenly Father, knows what is best for you, even though you THINK you know what is best, and that He heard your prayer.  Then, walk in obedience to the answer He gave you!

The next time you hear that the Lord answered someone's prayer, ask them what His answer was and help them walk in that direction, even if it wasn't their desired one.
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