Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lessons From The Classroom - Learning Luganda

Like I said last Friday, I had been totally unmotivated to get back in the swing of school with the kids.  But that was last week.  This week we've done school everyday and it's nice to be getting back into the routine again.  I may have had to threaten gently remind Areyna  that enrolling her in school will be the outcome if she doesn't work with mommy, but after a couple of days she has gotten much better:)

Anyway, one thing that I did start last week and that we will continue to work on is our Luganda language.   I decided that, since we are going to be living there for 3 months as a family, oh yeah you didn't know that,  well, we are and I'll talk more about that as the time gets closer!, we needed to learn some basic words and phrases so that we can respectfully communicate with the people, as well as help our little girl as she transitions into our family:)

So these are our 3 words for the week that we are working on.  We put them up in the kitchen but try to use them throughout the day as well.  The kids are having fun with it and I'm realizing that my brain is getting too old for new languages *sigh* but I'm trying:)

I thought it would be fun to teach you all as we go along so I'll be posting the words we learn as we go along:)
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