Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - Josh got home last night from a college retreat up in WV at Snowshoe, just in time to put the kids to bed!  He didn't have cell phone reception, but we got to google chat every day so it really wasn't that bad.  Cai kept trying to give him things through the computer screen, Areyna just wanted to sit and work on things next to him while he sat there and watched her and Zeke just, well, he's a sweet boy:)  He's just Zeke, ha!  He ran around being a super hero in the background...

2 - We have our last home study visit on Monday morning.  Our process is moving right along and we couldn't be more thrilled!  Here's our latest update on our Adoption Blog.  And, by the way, just in case you were wondering, we've made this a separate blog so that after we get her we can make the blog into a book and it will be like her baby scrapbook, like I've made for all my other kids:)

3 -Areyna loves her long hair.  Her only stipulation is that when it reaches the potty when she is sitting on it, it is time to cut it:)  So yesterday, she informed me that it is time for a haircut.  We may be making a visit to Aunt Dee's for a trim.

4 - Micaiah's personality has really been blossoming over the past few weeks.  He has started doing some really cute things like, "reading" books, looking to me for affirmation to see whether he should or shouldn't be doing something, and bringing me his shoes when he wants to go outside.  He's also beginning to really observe and copy everything the other kids are doing, like climbing on stools and jumping off the coffee table:)  Oh boy...

5 - Yesterday was a big day.  I got a shower before dinner, put on real clothes and even fixed my hair.  I figured I needed to look good for my man who had been gone all week:)

6 - 3 days out of 10 from the 10-day forecast are predicting snow!  What?!  We're actually in a winter weather advisory as we speak!

7 - I made the final approvals on my book yesterday and within 2-3 weeks it will be in my hands!  It's about time.  I guess I only submitted the manuscript at the beginning of September, but since I wrote the thing the end of March, I guess I feel like it has taken forever.  You can pre-order it HERE!
Now, I normally don't like to write negative reviews on my blog, but maybe this will put a fire under them to get their act together for other people trying to get their books done!
I went through Author House and have been pretty frustrated about the whole process, really.  They have taken much longer than the timeline they laid out at the beginning and then just to get in contact with someone has been a nightmare!  I emailed my team who is working on the publication and nothing.  So, I called and couldn't get through to ANYONE!  As a matter of fact, after being on hold for over 20 minutes I got disconnected, and this happened twice.  Then I called my coordinator and NOTHING.  The next day I called my original contact from September and left a message.  Funny how he gave me a call back 10 minutes after I tweeted "I am NOT a fan of #authorhouse right now".  It should not be this difficult to get a hold of them.  Hmmm...
Anyway, here is the final cover:

8 - Our adoption agency is in Uganda right now!  Pray with us for the communication between our agency and Arise Africa and the Orphanage.  Pray for the paperwork that needs to get done while our agency is there.  Pray for the families that are going to be traveling to pick up their babies within the next couple of months.

9 - I've been completely unmotivated to start school back with the kids.  We only did one day of school this week.  Next week maybe I'll get my act together.

10 - I'm off to have a fun-filled family day.  Have a great weekend!
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