Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

Areyna is such a wonderful student 100% of the time.  She always does exactly what I ask of her.

And being the kind of student that she is, she would never roll her eyes at me when it comes time to do school.

Nope, not Areyna.  Not MY child!

Where in the world would she get that kind of attitude from anyway?!

Not me!

That being said,

I'd never have to keep interrupting her "guessing game" while continuing to say "Just SOUND IT OUT!  The word is right there!  You JUST read it 2 seconds ago...before you kicked the chair over with your foot while rolling around on the floor!"

Geez.  What kind of mother would lose her temper over a reading lesson anyway.

Not me!

I would never, then threaten to enroll Areyna into an all-day, every-day Kindergarten class because she continued to stare off into space and roll around on the floor instead of read the words on the page!  Or better yet, just give up and say "school is over for today" and walk out of the room.

Nope, not me!  Our schooling goes way more smoothly than that;)
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