Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot Mama!

Both Areyna and Zeke have commented about my "pretty" hair today.

They either truly think it is pretty, which means that maybe I should think twice about the way I've been fixing my hair and the frequency of my showers,


they just feel so bad for me because I've been so sick.  That would explain the gentle arm rubbing and sad faces when they've told me this:)

Oh well, I'll take the compliment no matter how it comes to me, I suppose!  Here's to 3-day-old greasy hair!

Be gone flu!

You better believe our family will be the first in line for the flu vaccine next year!

Oh, and just a word of warning, the aftermath is almost just as bad.

My tongue is so numb and tingly that food tastes like NOTHING.  But worst of all is that everything is annoying to me today.  Hmmm, we'll have to work on this one;)
On a serious note, though, I do have a few quick questions...

Can you get the flu again after just having it?  Should we go get the vaccine this year anyway?  How does your body know you've already gotten it?  Why are Saltines and GingerAle the food and beverage of choice when sick?  It makes it almost impossible to enjoy these things any other time in your life when they are constantly associated with puking and well, ahem...  I'd love some insight and wisdom:)
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