Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Micaiah's To Do List

Micaiah must have a To-Do list in his back pocket tucked in his diaper, and he must be like his momma who likes to check things off, because every day he accomplishes his list before the time we tuck him into bed.  It's so funny because he does these SAME THINGS every day!

He pushes the button on the back of our fan.  It sits on the floor in our bedroom and the oscillator part of the fan is broken, so when we turn the fan on before we hop in bed every night it starts clicking, and we just smile, knowing that Cai had once again made his rounds:)

Every day he pushes all the books on the bookshelf back against the wall...and every day I push them back up.  They should be about 1" from the front and all even, right?  RIGHT?  Right.

No matter how many times I tell him (and sign to him), "No, No!" or "No, Sir!" or "No Buttons, Cai!"  he is determined to turn the dishwasher on, at least once a day, and it must be on long enough for him to hear the whirring sound or he will continue to pursue it until he does.

He's obsessed with unplugging Josh's computer.  You know, that magnetic thing that charges the battery on the Mac.  Yup, every day...

This is Micaiah's daily chore list.
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