Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Solution As The Solution

"No More Bad Guys" Spray 

Last Friday I offered a prize to the first person who could guess what this picture was all about.

The winner is Kate and your CD is on it's way:)


Zeke has been having night terrors and nightmares for several months.  Some of them are just normal bad dreams, but other's leave him absolutely paralyzed in fear.

It was getting so bad that we were waking up more times that we could count, at night.  And the worst nights always happened to be Saturday nights, before having to get up way too early to lead worship.

While talking through this with my parents, my mom mentioned an idea that one of our friends had used on his kids.  He had gotten a Lysol can and disguised it as "Monster Spray".

I decided that it was worth a try since everything else we had tried had failed.

I went through my cabinet and found a bottle of Febreze that I'd gotten with a CVS deal;)

Then, I got on the internet in search of the cutest little monster/bad guy I could find, along with the Red slash-through icon.

I taped it on the bottle and presented our new magic potion to Zeke.  He beamed as I told him what this "solution" could do.

I pretended to read the instructions from the back of the bottle:
1 - Spray 2 sprays in every area that you have seen bad guys come from
2 - Not 1 spray and no more than 2 sprays
3 - This will kill any bad guys that get in it's way
4 - If you smell it you know it's working
5 - It's okay if kid's feel the "wetness" after it is sprayed...just don't drink it, ha!

It's been over two weeks and we have had no major incidents of night terrors.  We are hoping that this will help us differentiate between just a normal bad dream and something more serious and it is working like a charm!

Zeke reminds us to get the "bad guy spray" every night and he is the one that sprays them away!
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