Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - Our body schedules are WAY off this week.  Zeke and Cai didn't wake up until 9:30am and Areyna woke up around 10:30am.  What in the world?!

2 - Remember this day?  Well, we had a VERY similar incident that happened last night.  On the way home from band rehearsal Josh and I were discussing whether we did or didn't need to stop and get gas.  The trooper kind of made up our minds for us when the gas light came on.  While we were pumping gas (around 9:15pm) we saw a pick-up truck come straggling in with a flat tire.  The tire was literally falling apart, with all the wires hanging out of it.  Then the lady and her daughter came out.  Josh and I looked at each other and knew exactly what we needed to do.  While Josh finished pumping our gas I walked over to see if she needed help.  She looked exhausted and nodded "yes", with thankful eyes.  She spoke little English so Josh stepped in to lead the conversation with her (he's pretty sexy when he speaks spanish;).

To make a long story short, Josh changed her tire (with Buzz Lightyear's help), the kids made a new friend as they exchanged toys and played in the gas station parking lot with the daughter, and we got in the car to head home.  Josh was drenched with sweat, saying it was the hardest tire he'd ever had to change.  We looked over to the woman as she tried to start her car...that wouldn't start!

Her battery was dead.  So, we got back out of the car to jump her car.

Then her headlights went out.  She found that is she held the knob for the brights she could see enough to get home, but we offered to follow her home, just in case.  It's a good thing we did because her lights went out about half way home.  We found a place to park her car as they piled in the trooper with us...all 7 of us, with the back piled full of our music equipment.  It's a good thing we didn't pass any of the dozens of cops we saw all night long, during that stretch.

We said our goodbye's and handed her one of our CD's and "All That Glitters" cards.  She was SO appreciative.

I'm sure this was all just a coincidence, just like the last time.

We finally pulled into our driveway around midnight.  Hence the reason for our late morning this morning:)

3 - Josh told me to remind him to ALWAYS keep our hydraulic car lift in the back, along with the jumper cables and other car changing essentials.  It's also time to restock the cars with Glitters CD's!  Another lesson, I've decided we're going to pick up Spanish in homeschooling with the kids.  One more husband is hot when he's helping others!  Just sayin'.

4 - While I was cleaning up the house yesterday I kept getting a whiff of something.  A good something.  A really nice something.  Almost fruity, but not really.  I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what it was...until I went to change my shirt and realized that I had used a new deodorant that morning.  I guess it did the trick 'cause I smell awesome, ha!

5.  Here is our opener song, David Crowder's "Come and Listen", from Journey's last Sunday at our old space last weekend, in case you missed it.

6 - My cell phone died and I was without one for almost a week.  I went to Verizon to get the cheapest one they had with my upgrade and decided I could do without my texting plan.  So, if you text me and I don't respond, it's not because I don't love you.  Really, I just would rather hear your sweet voice instead.

7 - I am SO excited for this weekend.  We'll be in our new space.  I can't believe how quickly this has all moved.

8 - My kids have been addicted to Starfall this week!  It's really sweet to watch Areyna "teach" Zeke.  I think she'll be able to reach him in a way that I never will.

9 - The copy of "Radical" that Josh and I have been reading through fell in the toilet.  Don't ask.  We're not sure how it happened and the kids aren't either.  I'm sure that was coincidence as well, ha!

10 - There is a prize for whoever can get closest to telling me what we've been using this for.
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