Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Me Monday

Because of my obsession with structure and order

I always, thoroughly, clean out the car after every road trip.

I would NEVER go a whole summer
without cleaning out the car!

No way, not me!

Especially when your summer consists of as many road trips as ours does!

I'd at least throw the trash away periodically
so as to avoid the mold-infested sippy cups,
the 5-week old newspapers,
and the rock-hard chicken nuggets.
Nope, not me!

And, since this would never happen to my car...

my children would never get so used to me not being able to find things,
that they would begin going to the car, as their first choice,
when looking for their favorite toys, shoes, books and water bottles.
Not me!

But if it were to happen,
it would probably take an episode of some
crappy pants, a candy-wrappered boogie and 
pee in a fairy cup to make me actually clean it out:)

But that would never really actually ever happen to me either...NOPE!
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