Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - As of Wednesday morning, I am going to Uganda, Africa the beginning of October!  Josh and I get to go together to share the love of Jesus.  We haven't done that since I was 6 weeks pregnant with Areyna.  So many things to do!

2 - I have put in so many hours in the "office" this week that I feel like I have a full-time job. (I mean, besides the full-time job of taking care of our 3 little tykes, that is)

3 - I just LOVE Areyna's ringlets.

4 - Micaiah has started making this look that screams, *gasp* "SURPRISE"!  It's hilarious!

5 - I am in the process of "manuscript submission" with my publisher for my book.  I decided it was time for action.  We're rolling now and I can't wait to see the finished product!

6 - Zeke still loves being a super hero.  As a matter of fact, it's so commonplace to me that I forget that he is in character when we go out about.  I am quickly reminded, though, when we start getting those looks...some that seem to say, "Awww, look at that cute little boy" and other's that shout, "When I have my own kids, I'm never letting them just wear whatever they want to the store!".

7 - We felt a glimpse of fall this week.  We had all the windows open, a bit premature probably but I just couldn't resist, and played outside ALL day!  The kids were giddy with excitement for the turn of the season.

8 - Josh gets to lead worship, in 2 weeks, for Two|Four when David Platt is speaking.  I hate I have to miss it because it's going to be AMAZING!

9 - I am down to ONE thumb sucker in this house!  Praise The Lord:)

10 - Areyna continues in her love for all kinds of critters!  Here is her latest frog taking a ride on her Barbie bicycle.  Wow...

Have a wonderful weekend!
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