Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me Monday

Josh and I had to make an unexpected trip to Durham last week.

It's a good thing I'm always prepared 
because the events that ensued needed a momma 
who could act fast in moments of crisis!

First of all, I'd never agree to go run an errand at dinner time!
That's just asking for meltdowns.

And since this unexpected trip didn't take longer than expected (ha!)
I would never try to keep the peace in the backseat by shoveling
an obscene amount of pretzels in the mouths of my children.

Nope, not me!  

I never use food as a distraction tactic!

After our short trip that did NOT occur right at dinner time 
I'd never suggest just going out to eat.
Especially after finding out that the restaurant 
no longer feeds kids for FREE!

That's just lazy!  And not only that,
it's not being a good steward of our money.

I always use coupons or get a deal.
I'd never succumb to the temptation
to pay full price for a meal out of convenience!

Not Me!

And since we didn't go out to eat and pay full price for a meal...

I'd never throw my armload of pocket books and diaper bags
 toward my kids and run to the bathroom 
as soon as we got inside 
because I was about to pee in my pants.

Not this momma!

I always lead by example and 
go to the bathroom before leaving home!

And since we're talking about going to the bathroom...

I'd like to point out that 
I always take precautionary measures 
when my 1-year-old starts pooping out of his diaper in a restaurant!

So, when I spot the oozing brown stuff coming out of his diaper,
in the restaurant that we didn't go to,
I would never look around to see who's looking,
wipe up the evidence with a napkin,
and take off running to the car...
to find out that I only had two baby wipes
and this was CLEARLY a 10 wipe mess!
(did I mention that if this DID ever happen to me,
I'd find a restaurant with a bathroom with sinks that actually worked!)

No way, not me!

And because this never happened 
I would not climb in the car to head home 
and 5 minutes down the road 
realize that I had baby crap all over my pants from my quick escape!

Because, if this happened, 
I'd have to ride down the interstate 
with my pants off
because it was getting crap everywhere!

And then, if we got stuck in traffic because of an accident
we'd be stuck in a stand-still on the interstate
with people right next to us looking in...

That would NEVER happen to this always-put-together girl!

It's a good thing we are so aware of germs 
and things of that nature,
because my daughter would never pick her nose!

But if she did, I'd never make her just hold her finger in the air 
until we got home
because we were out of tissues in the car.
That's just mean!
But if we finally found a candy wrapper in our car
for her to put that nasty boogie in, I'd never tell her 
to just throw it on the floor with the rest of the crap...literally.

Oh, we're still talking about going to the bathroom?

Good, because I have one more thing to say!

If our kids have to pee while we're traveling,
we always stop right away and find a bathroom.

Even if we're stuck in traffic, on the interstate,
with our crappy pants off!

I'd never make my son drop his pants in the car
and pee in my daughters Tinkerbell water bottle...
especially if she were about to cry because there was about to be
pee in her favorite cup!

Nope, not me!

I'm way more sensitive than that!

Sheesh...I'm glad that night NEVER happened to me!

Just like these things NEVER happened to these other people:)


K said...

LOL! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh. We've learned to never leave without a cup b/c this germophobe mommy prefers a cup in the car for her big boy to a public restroom :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow.
That was not your day!!

Mommy2Four said...

ROFL....... you sound like me!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

oh wow...that is amazing! you somehow left out those details when we were talking about your durham trip the other day =) i can't imagine why?!!!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Just found your, what a post! Lots of laughs!

We 2 Bees said...

Coming over from MckMama's and you had me laughing so hard! Thank you! Your day was full of fun, it was time to go to bed and start over, but sadly if you are anything like me it would just happen again! Thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

Isn't motherhood fun?! You never know what the day may bring :)
It is fun though...however crazy it may be.
I lingered over here from the 'Not Me Monday' linky thing. Looks like you have a cool life..with the little kids and traveling and such! I always wanted to be a traveling singer :)
Have a blessed day!

allaboutthehendersons said...

I'm dying laughing just picturing all of this! I love it all :)

Kelly Via said...

Oh. Tasha. Wow!! That's a really crazy story to just 'make up'!! How do you come up with this stuff!! I am so glad that didn't happen to you! How did you get those pictures, then...if it didn't happen to you?

Somethings fishy here....


What a Terrible time!! BUT, I did notice smiles, so that's a plus!!


Kara-Noel said...

OMGosh!! That is just too funny. That was such a horrible trip you can't help but laugh about it!! Isn't blogging great for that?