Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - Micaiah's favorite past time is scavenging for leftovers under the kitchen table after meal time.  He was literally slipping all over the kitchen floor when I found him this particular time.  Leftover oranges are quite messy, ha!

2 - Wrestle time continues to be one of his favorite times in the day.

3 - Cai's First Birthday was a quiet celebration with just us!  We had a fun evening of pancakes, presents and birthday cake.  I think Cai enjoyed himself:)

4 - Started "dancing" to music.

5 - Micaiah has hit milestones left and right over the past few weeks.  He loves for us to read him books and enjoys them just as much while reading them to himself.  Check out that drool string!  He's been teething again too.

6 - Threw his first full-blown temper tantrum on Sunday afternoon.  Oh boy...

7 - Has started pushing cars around the house.  It is so cute to see him going from room to room scooting on his knees with his cars...LOVE IT!

8 - His vocabulary is really picking up.  He is matching word sounds and syllables and is actually saying "Hot", "Gotcha" and "duck" (among others)

9 - We've discovered that Diarrhea + Cloth Diapers = MESSY!  Hence the disposables in the pictures above;)

10 - We were reminded again, this past week, why we need to keep giving Cai his garlic ear drops.  After almost a week with an ear infection, and ALL that goes along with that he is FINALLY back to himself.  I'd quit administering them with all the traveling we'd been doing since they tend to be really messy and smelly.  Now I know...
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