Thursday, August 26, 2010

"If You Pray For Humility..." A Short Story By Tasha Via

If you pray for humility...

you may just get a mouse in your house.

And when there is a mouse in your house
you should probably try to kill it.

And if that mouse that you are trying to kill
finds an access hole he may get trapped
in the wall between your living room and your kitchen.

And if that mouse does happen to get stuck in the wall
you'll be forced to listen to him scratching in the walls
when the sun goes down.

But beware...

when that scratching stops it may be followed by
a stench that your husband simply cannot bear.

And if your husband simply cannot bear it any longer,
then he will go to any length to find that stinkin' critter!

And if he can't seem to find that stinkin' critter in the kitchen cabinets
after taking every appliance out of its rightful place... (*sigh*)

he will be forced to move to the unknown territory
behind the panels of the living room walls.

And if your husband goes to all the trouble of taking the trim
off of the wall he may as well just take the whole panel off!

And if he doesn't find the mouse inside the first panel
then it's very likely that he'll move right on to the second.

And after he pulls the second panel out from the molding
he is SURE to find the dead mouse!

And if he finally finds that mouse then you may be tempted
to cheer him on and get a little prideful
thinking about how awesome your husband is
and how sexy it is to watch him tear those wall panels off
and how good looking he is with a dead mouse in his hands
and how he is way better than YOUR husband!

But then you'd have to pray for humility again...

There is just something very humbling about having a mouse in your house:)
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