Monday, July 5, 2010

Potty Mouth

We are in the thick of our cloth diaper experience and still loving it! It's been almost 2 weeks and here's our experience with cloth diapering so far.

Yes, I love it!
No, I don't have to change diapers any more or less than normal. He goes through 4-5 a day.
Yes, I have used ones.
No, I don't have to do laundry any more than normal. Let me take that back...I am keeping up with my dirty laundry more efficiently!
Yes, they really work.
No, I don't have to use a single diaper pin.
Yes, I plan on using them when I travel. I'll definitely let you know how that goes! We have our first road trip this week.

Here's my stash and what I like/dislike about each one:)
I love this wrap. I use this mainly at night because it seems to keep him dry all night. This is all trial and error for me, so if it works then we repeat:) I like this one because the elastic is snug enough to keep everything in, but doesn't rub on his skin. Also, the velcro is low enough to stay off his chubby tummy.

I'll probably use this one in the car when we travel.

Leaks: NONE

There are so many diaper wraps around but this is the particular one that was handed down to me. I have several of these. I let Cai crawl around in this one for a while and it started to give him little red lines from rubbing him up where the velcro was. Not my favorite, but works fine as a backup.

Leaks: TWO - I've tried it with 2 different kinds of inserts and he has been wet both mornings. It may only be used as a daytime backup diaper, although the print is a little misleading.

My Fuzzibunz didn't come with inserts so I've been using prefolds as my inserts and they have been working great. They are really bulky, though, so I have invested in some regular inserts. The time Cai leaked out of his wrap I had tried to wrap him up a special way instead of tri-folding it and just wrapping it up. Let's just say that the stuffed animal that I practiced on was a bit smaller and quite a bit more stationary. I don't like to use these alone but are excellent for diaper wraps as a tri-fold or as an insert to a pocket diaper.

These are my absolute favorite! You put an insert or prefold inside of the little pocket (hence the name "pocket diaper") and the only thing left to go around your babies bootie is the fleece. It's so soft and even after already going through 2 kids there are NO stains! The snaps are adjustable around the legs and tummy.

I also like that you can use the Fuzzibunz as a wrap and put the insert or prefold against the booty. That way you don't have to go through so many covers. This is probably the route we'll go when traveling.

You can visit their seconds factory to get discounts on new diapers!

Leaks: NONE

These are what make cloth diapering SO easy! They look like dryer sheets. You can buy these to line your prefold, wrap or fuzzybunz so all the poop and pee go directly on it. When you take the diaper off all you have to do is dump the mess in the toilet and flush it down. It's that easy!

Rash: NONE

I was realizing how bulky the prefolds were and was interested in getting some inserts to go in my Fuzzibunz. I found a store that sells cloth diapers and accessories locally so the kids and I headed out to see what they had to offer. They didn't sell Fuzzibunz but they did sell Thirsties, BumGenius and Flip, all of which I've heard excellent things about. I bought a Flip insert and it worked GREAT! I literally got HOURS out of that insert with my Fuzzibunz cover.

I ordered the rest of my inserts off of the Fuzzibunz website. They even sent me an extra 3-pack of the 4-layered insert! They work awesome! I tried to use 1 with my Bummis wrap 2 nights ago and he leaked through so I'll either need to try to double up or just stick with the night-time pre-fold for bedtime.

I am going to try cloth diapering on the road so I needed to get something to put all our soiled diapers in until we can wash them. I got the green Bummis Wet Bag. We don't use a diaper pail.

When we used disposables we just threw them right in the trash can. Now instead of the trash we take a step to the left of the trash and throw them in the washing machine instead. I put a little water and vinegar in the washing machine to soak them until I have a full load.


This is the substitute to diaper pins. They are for those brave souls who like to use the prefolds on their own or with their wrap in other folding styles besides the trifold.

This has worked well so far for swimming. I may get another 1 or 2:)

Here are a list of reputable websites to get cloth diapers from:
The Happy Baby - this one has free shipping
Remember - check to see if your brand has a seconds factory or store for discounted new diapers!

Here is what my typical nighttime gettup consists of:
A Bummis wrap...a prefold which is trifolded inside the wrap...I double up the front a little bit for some extra absorbency in the front since he's a boy...biodegradable liner on top. Every time I've used this method he's been dry in the morning and can make it through breakfast until he poops:)

So, questions...concerns...suggestions?
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