Wednesday, July 7, 2010

11 Months

We're at the beach again for Cai's monthly checkup.
In fact, we're at the exact same hotel as we were when he turned 10 months:)
Therefore, I don't have a weight update but I can guarantee he is at least 22 pounds!

Here are some things he's been working on this month:

He stands all by himself, even to play for extended periods of time

His sign language is picking up.

He still isn't an avid waver, but he does wave on occasion.

Does NOT like to have things taken away from him.

Gets sad when we walk past him.
Apparently he thinks we should always pick him up when we walk by him.

He has begun some separation anxiety,
but not nearly as bad as Zeke used to be.

He has taken several stand-alone steps this month.

He is into EVERYTHING! That's why you don't get a still photo of him this month.

Likes to steal his cousin's paci, her food, and her toys.
As soon as she sees him she starts crying, ha!

I can't go through a single monthly update without a food update.
He likes, pizza, chicken nuggets, almost ALL fruit and vegetables I give him, rice and bean burritos, mac-n-cheese...I could go on and on. I still make him normal baby food, but as soon as the "real" food comes out he won't have anything to do with the baby food.

Started cloth diapering his chubby little bootie this month and STILL love it!

Loves reading and being read to.

He is still as snuggly as ever...


...he is ALL boy! He is SO rough and can wrestle with the roughest of 'em.
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