Monday, June 14, 2010


I had no post for today.

No clever ideas.

No great insights.

No money saving tidbits.

No ah-ha moments.

No silly kid stories.

All I could hear was the pounding up above.


At 7:20am this morning we heard our doorbell ringing. We rolled over thinking it was just our imaginations, or maybe we were just hoping whoever it was would just go away.

Well, they didn't. They just kept ringing the doorbell.

Then we remembered that we were getting a new roof today! But really? 7:20am, after such a long weekend, on our day off? Doesn't everyone know that Monday's are our day of? Of course they don't...oh well.

So the pounding begun.

Cai slept until about 10 'til 8 and then Rainy and Zeke came sauntering out of their room, still half asleep, wandering what all the racket was.

It wasn't like when we got our roof redone in Charlotte. Which, by the way, is considered torture to anyone who has had to endure it 2 times in less than one year! That team only had about 4 guys and it took them several days. They worked on a section at a time so we could just move around the house to find a quiet place. The crew today had about a dozen men and they covered the whole roof. There was no escape.

We decided to take a field trip to see some cousins and hang out for a while.

By the time we got home at 6:30 they were packing up. They had completed our roof in under 12 hours! It looks great. We've got peace and quiet again.

And that was our Monday.
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