Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

My friend, Jenn, does these thoughtful thursday posts and I just love them because they are random and that is exactly what our life is like now...random and crazy.  So, here it goes!
This is what the outside of my house has looked like for the past 2 days.  Our buyers decided that they would like a new roof and that we should pay for it.  It was an answer to prayer when insurance said that they would cover the whole process (minus our deductible).  So all the racket on the roof and all the strangers walking around our yard is an answer to prayer.  I must say that my shower was quicker than usual as I felt the need to plan a quick escape just in case one of the hard-working latinos came falling through the ceiling to join me=)

This is what the kid's bedroom looks like.  Yes those are empty beds.  The roofers have gotten here early and worked very late so no naps have been had by the children in this household...

Except for this child.  Nothing has interrupted his schedule=)  Just give him food and he's happy!

This is what the inside of our house has looked like for over a week now as we pack to enter the next chapter of our lives in Raleigh.  The Sunday moving day is quickly approaching.

"So, where is that lovely house you found to move into?"  you ask.  Uh...yeah, about that.  We haven't exactly found a place to live yet.  So, we'll be moving in with some of our best friends Jeremiah and Jenn.  They are practically family and they live in the area and have been gracious enough to share their house and their lives with us until we find a place to live.

This is how they treat their children so I can't imagine what they'll do to ours.  Please pray for us;)

Happy Thursday!

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