Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Did NOT Have To...

...give my kids a bath this weekend.

...quiet my kids during a wedding ceremony on Friday night.

...share my chocolate covered strawberries at the wedding.

...share my cake at the wedding.

...share my punch at the wedding. (oh hush, you know you love wedding food too;)

...interrupt my kid's nap-time to get to our Saturday night service.

...pack dinners for my kids for church on Saturday night.

...try to explain why we could "only stay for a little bit" at the pig-pickin graduation party.

...lay out the kids meals and clothes for a long Sunday at church.

...get anyone else ready by 6:30am this morning except for myself.

...strategically figure out how to get real clothes on Zeke for church today.

...interrupt my kid's sleep, yet again, to make it to church this morning.

...leave band rehearsal early to feed Micaiah.

...jump off of stage to "correct" my children once this morning.


Because my parents did it all!

The kids loved having their Nonnie and G-Daddy here this weekend. We did too! Thank you SO much for all your help herding our family around!
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