Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday - Spring Is In The Air

1 - Holy week doesn't technically start until Sunday but with all the research I've done for my devotional, I picked up a couple extra ideas that I thought I'd add to our family tradition of celebrating Holy Week. I found a really fun idea that we reformatted a little bit for our kids and started Wed. night and will do every night, ending on Easter Sunday with an empty Easter Egg signifying his resurrection.

Here's what you need: a dozen plastic eggs-(I just got some cheap ones at Wal-Mart for $1), paper, scissors and 1 of each of the following: bread, coin, purple cloth, thorn, string, cross, nail, sign, sponge, spear and rock

Here's what you do: place 1 of the above objects inside each egg with a corresponding Bible verse about why this object is significant to Easter.

Let The Games Begin: each night, right before our family devotion time, I will hide 1 egg and then let the kids hunt for it together. They get to take turns opening an egg each night and handing me the "secret clue" to Easter. It's like an extended Easter Egg Hunt with an actual purpose=) That verse and object become our devotional for the night as we talk through the Easter story together.
Rainy and Zeke after they found their first egg

2 - This spring weather has given me the "itch" to get some spring cleaning done! Yesterday I reorganized our closet and spray painted some old wicker furniture that was given to us, along with our table and chairs that has just about had it=) It's amazing what a few cans of spray paint can do!

3 - Areyna got a fun present from her Nena for her birthday. We've been working on these "suckers" for a couple of weeks now. Thanks for the cavities Nena;)
4 - Why is it that Daddy's can make way better tents than us mommy's? It must be the same genes that help them make those cool boy noises with their mouths...
5 - Micaiah is wearing himself out trying to crawl lately. We'll walk in the room and wonder how he managed to get to the other side all by himself.
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