Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's The Little Things

I have certain piles of "stuff" that always seem to accumulate around our house...on our dresser, or my desk, or our kitchen counter, or the floor...

It's a pile of things to...

...fix for the kids.
For some reason, store-bought costumes and princess dresses just WILL NOT stay together. I feel like I am constantly having to sew a seem back together, or a button, or a ruffle... Not to mention the on-going things that break just because you have kids, like necklaces, and pages out of books, and tinkerbells wings that keep falling off, sheesh!

...or medicine for this ever-so-sick family to take so we can get better
The medicine has a home, but who wants to keep going to that "home" just to get your 4-hour de-coughing, de-sneezing, de-sick fix? It's just easier to have it sitting on the counter.

...or coupons to cut, ministry work to get done, or things written on sticky notes to get accomplished.
I am pretty good about getting rid of junk mail right away but keeping up with ministry work and coupon cutting and those little thoughts that crowd my brain during my time never seems to end, therefore keeping a never-ending pile of things (and sticky notes) on my desk.
Hey, don't laugh at my sticky notes...
we all have our "issues".

...or clothes to fold or just put away!
When I am motivated I'll get all the laundry washed, folded AND put away on the same day. Did you catch the key phrase "when I am motivated?". Yeah, that doesn't happen very often. The same goes for the clothes that I've been wearing that day. I wish I could say that I ALWAYS put them away right away, but I confess to the growing pile in my bedroom (that I quickly pick up if I know someone is about to drop by=>)

...or the pile of things that don't belong to us, just waiting to be taken back to their rightful owner. (Yes Kelly, I found Cana's other boot!)

These little, insignificant things are the things that make me feel like I just have SO MUCH TO DO!

At least I'm not as bad as THIS GUY, or maybe I am=)
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